Stampin’ Up! What’s That?

2019 Occasions - ALl That You Are

I’ve been posting somewhat erratically on this blog. And, you likely have noticed a theme regarding the supplies I use. You are very observant. For the last two years, I have been using Stampin’ Up! paper, inks, stamps, and card stock exclusively.

The fact that everything is color-coordinated saves time when I am creating and producing cards, scrapbook pages, decorative items for my home, or gift packaging. So, I must really love this stuff if I’m willing to work this hard to advertise it and use it exclusively. Well, I do. And, I’d like to share this idea with you.

So many people think they are not ‘crafty’ or ‘creative’. Let me be the first to tell you – that is a bunch of FAKE NEWS. Everyone has some creativity deep down in their soul – you just need to practice getting it out and letting that light shine brightly. You don’t have to create the Mona Lisa or sculpt Venus to be creative. The simple act of putting ink on a stamp and then the stamp to paper is the easy first step.

I would love to tell you about stamping and getting in touch with your creative side. Comment on this post; visit my website;  email or text me at (501) 240-7581 if you would like some more information on how to get your crafty on. This is a really great time to consider joining Stampin’ Up!

Usually, the starter kit allows you to purchase $175 worth of merchandise for only $99 (with free shipping). This year, Sale A Bration provides two awesome options to purchase a starter kit.

1.  For $99 you can purchase $175 (yes, $175) worth of merchandise for the Annual or Occasions Catalogs.p


2. You can spend an additional $30 and receive, in addition to the $175 in merchandise, this great craft and Carry Tote. This is the ONLY way you can get your hands on one of these bags.


Which one will you chose, Option 1 ($99 for $175 in merchandise), or Option 2 (spend $129 and get $175 in merchandise AND this awesome craft and carry tote)?

Keep on Dreaming!!